Inflatable laser tag arena

Inflatable laser tag arena are becoming popular day by day and are an ideal way to spend some time with your friends or family experiencing some thrilling moments of fun and excitement. The basic of the laser tag arena is to defend yourself from alien attacks and target your enemies in the ambience of a futuristic space theme. The sound and special effects will enthrall you while participating in these competitive outdoor sport fun large laser tag arena you feel your heart throb in excitement while handling the laser tag arena equipment. But you should know how to play the laser tag arena games inflatable or else you might be always on the losing side.

1.Once suited up, try to get into the arena as early as possible to adjust to the low light. If you have a chance to shoot your enemies right away as they enter the arena, just take it asap 

2. In the arena, find yourself at a good position to start off with. Something covered or protected, not out in the open. Avoid clustering around others if possible (some arena require you to start at a base or station).
If you do start at a base or station, don't be the first or the last to leave. Leaving first poses the risk of not knowing where the enemy is. By leaving last, the enemy may have found your base or the good spots may have been taken.

3.Find a good spot to fire from. Depending on how the laser tag arena venue handles scoring, it may be better to play an offensive strategy; in other words, it's worth risking getting hit if you can hit multiple enemies. However, you can still be smart about how you defend yourself. By starting out hidden you can get a feel for the other players. Look for somewhere you can protect yourself from the enemy while still see what is going on and fire on them.
Look for positions that cover your back and give you a view over some area - preferably not very wide, but deep.

4.Look for flashing lights. Most laser uniforms have lights on them somewhere. When you see the lights coming toward you, quickly aim and start shooting! You will take the person by surprise!

5.Aim for the kill zones. These vary from outfit to outfit but may include the gun, chest, waist, earpiece. Larger zones are your better bet.
Depending on the gun design, you may find it helpful to make sweeping motions across the enemy's chest area as you fire repeatedly. This can increase your chance of triggering one of their several chest sensors, compared to aiming directly just at one.

6.Think offensively. If you can hit an enemy, it's generally worth risking getting hit, particularly in a team game. If you see a group of enemy team members all gathered together, take them down. They might hit you, but if you're quick and have good aim, you can hit at least one enemy, if not more, before you get hit. A 1-to-1 hit ratio is not a bad outcome necessarily, and if you can beat that, you'll be earning points.

7.If shot at, seek cover and evade your aggressor. Don't just stand there; use the time when your sensors are deactivated to get out of the way. If you need to recharge your gun, head there immediately. Tell any teammate where the enemy is to return fire. Good communication is key to a team victory!
If the same enemy repeats attacking you (spawn killing), get a group of your team to take them down, or see a referee if they are violating the rules.

Inside the arena there are challenging maze structure with different compartments. This makes the laser tag arena in inflatable bouncer a real challenge for young and old!

How many people play and what age group can play it?

The multiplayer concept has proven to be ideal for team building and larger events. Depending on the chosen mode, 6 to 10 players can play at the same time, divided in teams or as solo players.

Customized Laser tag game set

If you want to buy an inflatable sport fun laser tag arena or inflatable laser maze, laser tag games can fully customize it. With a variety of different lay-outs to choose from. You can pick any size, color, shape, or type of artwork.

The laser tag arena equipment with the following dimensions: 9×9, 10×10, 12×12 or 15×15 meters. These being the most common dimensions for inflatable laser tag arenas.Gaming Inflatables: We make full-sized inflatable doorways, windows, walls, pillboxes & more. All clip together to form a portable & authentic arena for thrilling indoor gaming

The laser tag outdoor can be made in any colour you like, and bearing any advertising you like. We do, however, always recommend choosing a dark colour for arenas – black, dark blue or dark gray, for example – for purely practical reasons. Our arenas are made with flame-retardant sheeting, M2 classified PVC vinyl tarpaulin 

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Inflatable Big Ball Pit for kids play

Our Big Ball Pit is a soft and safe place to play! Your kids will enjoy hours of fun jumping around.

Big Ball Pit features:
·Soft Air-filled Balls
·Inflatable trampoline, jumping platfoam, inflatable zorb ball
·It is Phthalate Free
·Size: can custom as client's field

Toys-ocean Amusement company is a  manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, innovative children's Inflatables and amusement products. Toys-ocean products are known for providing durable, imaginative and active fun. Products are manufactured in a wide variety of categories for young children, including Inflatable Bouncer/Combo, Inflatable Water toys/Playground, Advertising Inflatable, Inflatable Sports, Air gymnastics Mat etc,.

Portable Octagonal Shape Ball Pools available in 2 sizes. The ball pool is complete with a PVC vinly tarpauline cover, enabling it to be moved and stored without the removal of the balls. When tipped on its side and rolled vertically it will pass through a standard door.
Each ballpool is 66cm deep or customized
two sizes for reference:
1.5m diameter - takes 1500 balls
2.0m diameter - takes 2500 balls
Balls to be purchased separately.

Depending on where you live there's always a discussion about what this fun fueled apparatus are called: Ball ponds, ball pits or ball pools. Whatever you call them Toys-Ocean  own numerous sizes, colours and shapes depending on your event.

All of our ball pools are made within the China and are compliant with all International law, using durable and best quality materials.

We can custom a range of shapes and sizes of ball pools to fit many occasions and venues, from large 15,000 inflatable ball ponds to smaller ball pool hires for children's parties and student nights. Our ball ponds are suitable for children and adults of all ages although there will be restrictions due to the size of the users and size of the ball pond.

Used for a vast array of events from corporate entertainment, fun days and birthday parties. Our Inflatable Ball Pools are fun for all ages. The Inflatable Ball Pit is filled with variety different coloured balls, with a small entrance at the front for easy access and exit.

Ball pools are great fun and provide excellent party entertainment for your guests of all ages, especially loved by all tiny tots! Why not take a look at our range of inflatable games for more inspiration & ideas.

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inflatable ocean pool with net

A private, custom ocean pool is one super yacht accessory that little boys and girls will appreciate just as much as the adults.

The new Inflatable yacht pool provides a safe and secure area for swimmers. The mesh netting prevents all types of Jelly Fish including the deadly "Box Jelly Fish" from entering the swimming area.

The pool also offers a strong and rigid inflatable surround, with a robust non-slip top that’s perfect for supporting several sunbathers at once. It’s designed to retain its firm shape even in strong winds or rougher conditions. Crew will love this product too, for it deflates and folds down into a compact package for stowing on board, leaving plenty of space for other toys in the tender garage.

*Keeps children far from dangerous 
*Keeps swimming area free of the deadly "Box Jelly Fish" and all manner of floating objects
*Deflates and packs down to a small package for stowing on board
*Extremely rigid inflatable beams, which remain rigid in high wind and tidal conditions
*Net is made by strong PVC for strong and durable using 
*Extremely buoyant, and the beams support several swimmers
*Optional extended sun lounging area can be incorporated in the design

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inflatable big baller wipe out jumping games


size : 12x6.8x3.6m 
material : 15oz PVC vinyl tarpaulin 

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inflatable snow glob bubble house

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Wedding Bouncy Castle

Suitable for adults and children.

Wedding bouncy castles are coming increasingly popular, they can be a brilliant way of entertaining children during the excitement of the big wedding day.

This is Elegant design for any wedding. This pure white A-frame is perfect for wedding events.

If you would like something else than you see throughout our range of inflatables, don't hesitate to ask as we can make pretty much anything!

We provide customized design for this pristine, white inflatable. In the past we have found that the average bouncy castle can detract from the other decorations and theme of a wedding.

This castle will keep the children and adults entertained for hours, enabling you to enjoy your special day. It has a large bouncy area and a built-in rain cover, so a drop of rain will not spoil the party.

Our material is best for commercial party rental, so this inflatable will be durable & in superb condition for your wedding day.

The White Wedding Bouncy Castle had brought the fun factor to weddings. This is a pristine white bouncy castle which makes for some great photos as well as being a lot of fun.

Our unique White Wedding Bouncy Castles are the ideal addition to you wedding to add that something different.

These stunning white bouncy castles provide a stunning and quirky backdrop for some very memorable wedding photos, as well as being great fun for bouncing.

Perfectly at home on a manicured lawn outside a stately home, in the grounds of a castle or next to an old barn, this elegant white bouncy castle is suitable for any venue.

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Inflatable Spray Booth for car painting

Do you worry about making the air muddy when you were painting your car? Is it painful when paint the car and pollute the floor? Do you want to have a solution that allows you to paint your car when you can not let dirty things fly or air filled with paint smell?

Well, I would like to have a product to be effective to help you, that is, Inflatable Spray Booth. It is an inflatable useful tool room of spray , it is easy to use, once you open the blower, blowing the pillars and the entire frame with the blower, the booth can be inflated in 10 minutes and make it able to use the air to stand up, At the same time, the fan must always keep the spray booth frame in a inflated state, so that it will form a house like a garage, very quick and easy to use.

In this Inflatable Spray Booth Air System, there is air filter foam to fresh air, so that when you carry the car paint, the air flow and keep fresh and free from pollution, then this will be very beneficial to your body, and Has played a very important role in protecting the Earth's environment, but it is insignificant.

Very happy to showcase our products --- inflatable spray booth. It can meet your needs, so that you can put the car into the spray, can be used well, and let you no longer breathe smelly air, so that you can work in fresh air.

Regarding material, we provide oxford material , Before production ,we can make 3D design for your checking , And we adopt at least double stitching , Once finished ,we will show you high quality detail pictures for checking , Every product will have very strictly quality testing before shipment and free repair kit.

TOYS-OCEAN Amusement equipment co ltd is a professional manufacturer of inflatable products.
We have been manufacturing high quality and safe inflatables since 2009. We offer a wide range of inflatables such as inflatable bouncers, slides,tents,promotion inflatables, water games,sports games and so on. We have exported our products to the worldwide countries such as Britain,America,Mexico,Australia,Canada,France, Saudi Arabia,Brazil,South Africa and so on.

We have been enjoying a stellar reputation of providing quality products and services to commercial, non-commercial, and nonprofit agencies throughout the world. We invest exceptional quality, pride and care into every step of production process.

TOYS-OCEAN Amusement equipment co ltd. is a professional inflatables manufacturer and supplier providing both ODM and OEM service. Various inflatable can be offered to customers by our design team.

We are pleased to help you with all our questions about our inflatable spray room air system.

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inflatable floating sea pool and slide for yacht

The Inflatable floating Sea Pool provides a fun and safe ocean swim for you and your family by allowing seawater into the pool through clever, grid-covered holes designed to keep you in and any unwelcome sea creatures out! The pool is made out of a rigid drop-stitch material, which allows you to walk around or simply catch some rays on the comfortable surrounding walkways.
Custom pools can be built to any size and yacht names, logos and custom colors can be added for a really personal feel.

We provide these fabulous inflatable, custom-made yacht slides. Each one is custom built to the exact specification of the vessel taking into account the area in which it is to be deployed on the yacht, ensuring that the design, launching, recovery and storage is all planned to make the slide easy and fun for everyone to use.

Slides can be straight or curved, with or without leg support and yacht names, logos and extra lifting points can be added as required. As each slide is personalized to each vessel design, build prices tend to vary.

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special inflatables for car

inflatable car showcase ( 5X2X2M )


inflatable car wash mat ( 6X3X0.2M)

Inflatable spray booth which also call  Portable Mobile Paint Booths / Bedliner Booth
 ( 6X3X3m ) 

inflatable tent for cover 

we supply all kinds of special inflatables for cars  ,and offer customized line service , Contact with us freely for what you idea ,so we will reply quickly and turn it true for you 

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inflatable batting cage for baseball training

Inflatable Batting Cage is especially created for all the sluggers out there looking for their own cage to practice in; however, anyone looking to simply have some batting fun is welcome to enjoy this product as well. This product offers the comfortable batting space. Batters can enjoy the Batting Cage anywhere that allows space for it. As an inflatable cage, it is very easy to transport and set up. Zipper entry door makes it easy to enter and exit.

Our Commercial grade Inflatable Batting Cages are heat air sealed which can be inflated in 20 mins and last time without keep blowing air .  It can be left up for an hour or many days. Once finished simply deflate, roll up and put away. These cages are made of top quality PVC vinyl materials and are very durable. You can add more 6m sections to make a 12m or 18m  tunnel as well. The answer for every organization that needs extra cage facilities or would like to bring their cage with them on the road. These commercial grade units can also be used indoor or outdoor 

we offer customize service , can add your own logo ,website etc to meet your any idea need 

welcome your visit our page:www.toys-ocean.com

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foam pit

inflatable Bubble Soccer ball fun

Bubble Soccer ball is a new super hot sport game all around the world . This is a fast moving sport which can be enjoyed by all ages which protected by big inflatable bubbles players try to play football with funny results.

Each player is enveloped inside a giant bubble and then let loose to play a soccer match. The game is super funny for play , some one said “even more entertaining, especially when you are trying to score by bouncing, rolling, bumping, flipping over and crashing into each other. With bubbles soccer has just become a contact sport: Bump or be bumped!”

When playing Bubble Football Games,Take part or just watch as players bump into and knock each other over like human bumper cars while playing soccer.

This game can be happened on any open grass area, AstroTurf or indoor sports hall.

Here is the video for how to use and wear the bumper balls 


inflatable mechanical bull introduction

Everyone wants a shot at being a real cowboy (or cowgirl). This Mechanical Bull gives you a chance to see just how good a rider you really are. With an inflatable base and a trained operator, it's all the fun without the danger! From college events to company picnics, graduations to weddings, this just provides hours of fun, entertainment and challenge.
Inflatable Mechanical Bull for sale. Great condition with inflatable mat and controller. Unique Sofolex Soft Foam Safety head. A complete bull takes only 20 minutes (average speed) to completely set up. Safety is paramount, so the Regular Mechanical Rodeo Bull is fitted with our unique Automatic Stop Sensor (ASS) as standard. As soon as the rider falls, the bull stops instantly. The Regular Mechanical Bull control console is housed in our signature color, bright yellow, to catch the eye. There are six pre-set automatic competition levels, which are linked to two LED time clocks. Each one of the automatic Regular Mechanical Rodeo Bull programs is linked to the two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved, so both the operator and the rider can see how long the rider stayed on the bull. In addition, the Rodeo Bull control console features a ten speed manual control joystick, two stop buttons and a switch that allows you to disable the spin element of the ride. The lightweight portable mechanical motion base for the Regular Mechanical Rodeo Bull only weighs 112kg. / 250lb.s and it's very easy to move from job to job. It comes with 3 detachable wheels, making pushing it into position a breeze! All of the equipment breaks down to make sure that the Regular Mechanical Rodeo Bull is the most portable bull in the world! he control console has 6 pre-set automatic programs.