crazy sport game inflatable rodeo Mechanical bull

     The Mechanical bull is popular crazy sport games for kids or adults because of the list of features it can boast. As with all our mechanical multi ride systems, the Mechanical Bull is lightweight, portable, safe and a lot of fun!
      All our Rodeo Bull Ride products come complete with everything you require to start operating immediately.Safety is paramount, our Mechanical Rodeo Bull is fitted with Automatic Stop Sensor (ASS) as standard. As soon as the rider falls, the bull stops instantly.With this way , player will be safety on the inflatable mat The  Mechanical Bull control console is housed in the special signature color, we use red color to catch the attraction . 






The Regular Bull system comes complete with:
§ dia 5m themed inflatable§ The bull body§ The High Profile motion base with buck, roll & spin motion§ The control console has 6 pre-set automatic programs, with a dedicated program for the Redneck Games. There are 2 LED clocks & a 10 speed manual joystick control§ A 1.5hp air blower § A comprehensive 2 year warranty*

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New Inflatable car Capsule show case with customized color and size

The Inflatable car Capsule show case is a clear vinyl bubble that seals the car, truck, boat or motorcycle away from the elements and keeps it looking fresh and new. Dust, dirt, moisture and insects are locked out. A built-in fan circulates filtered air within the bubble to eliminate that musty, damp smell that can ruin your stored car. The super-tough vinyl bubble is made from an anti-static l PVC. And the durable zipper is 100% nylon, so it won’t scratch your vehicle. The Inflatable car Capsule show case is impervious to oil, gas and antifreeze and is mildew resistant.Available in seven sizes to fit most any car, truck, boat or motorcycle
All bubble covers are designed for Indoor use and come available in many size options to choose from. They are really easy to install, and it takes only 5 to 10 min to setup and inflate the cover. Just lay the base mat down on a flat surface and roll the vehicle onto it. Plug can have 110V or 220V transformer into the outlet, and the Car Capsule cover will start to inflate. In minutes, the vehicle will be encapsulated. The manufacturer has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology to creating amazingly durable, easy-to-maintain, cost-efficient vinyl capsules for cars and bikes. Perfect for use in dusty, cluttered garages, the indoor bubble covers protect your valuable investment from scratches, dings, dirt, rodents, insects, and other destructive elements. Whether you are storing a sports car, heavy-duty truck, SUV, bike, or chopper, an ultimate bubble cover by Car Capsule will keep it in a dry, clean, and dust-free environment. Try and find that there is nothing like that in the market. No regular cloth cover comes close! 

here is what we made 
Size ; 5.5X2.2X2M , 
Material : PVC vinyl tarpaulin and transparent PVC 
Craft : hot air welding
With ,blower and fan 

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mobile Inflatable spray booth for car painting

Inflatable spray booth The inflatable spray booth is specially designed as a mobile car garage, you can use it as a mobile car maintenance station, or spray-paint for cars inside. Or just simply use it as a car shelter. 
We can make an inflatable garage to meet your needs. Different choice of colors is Available. We also can add doors, windows and custom printing according to client's requirement.  With PVC Coated nylon material , it can be waterproof and easy to set up. Also it can be packed smaller for convenient transportation Customized is acceptable, include size, shape, color and add a logo.
inflatable small paint spray booth
 1. high quality PVC coated nylon material, water-proof, fire resistant2. Double sewing and fourfold reinforcement 3. Good air filter for using with changeable 

First, the paint booth is the same as clothe, even the best clothing also afraid of scraping tear. When using the arches, we must avoid the branches, and other communications cable hook on the air sharp objects. Second, the fear of drag. You need to move gas mode, please move to lift again. If the drag, a long time, easily frayed. Third, the fear of artillery. In the opening ceremony occasions, guns, fireworks are inseparable things.

reinforced seams double and triple points and strips at each joint to protect mobile Cheap car cabin inflatable is safety and more durable paint

each painting booth mobile car  spray booth  thick inflatable anchor point D, its used to be fixed on the ground and remain stable Inexpensive.

output with two zippers is of use for protecting and faster deflation zipper. Each booth has two pipe ,one for inflate and one for air flow.

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Inflatable batting cage for baseball training pitch

For Air-Sealed Sports Equipment, TOYS-OCEAN provides Air portable cages for:
Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Golf,Lacrosse, and Backyard Multi-Sport use:



The TOYS-OCEAN inflatable sport pitch in sports equipment is perfect for university, high school and travel teams, because it takes just minutes to put up and take down this rugged inflatable batting cage in any indoor or outdoor environment. 

Also provides Baseball cage with net, Softball pitch, Golf Field, Soccer Field cage etc,.

These engineered inflatables collapse down to a fraction of the inflated size making transport and storage easy. Our custom air-sealed technology is tested tough to withstand the rigors of active sports and provides instant practice space for any practice, camp or clinic.

The high grade materials ensure that our inflatables withstand any climate. Not only do our inflatables perform, but they can make your team look good, too.

They can be customized with team logos, colors and even sponsors. Think of the increased pride and visual exposure for your team, organization or company.

It has also provided us an additional outdoor cage area for tournaments and camps.

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New Inflatable Soccer Shooting Challenging Game

Soccer dart Ball is the newest and most creative solution on the market today .The giant soccer dart board has taken the internet by storm with kicking Velcro soccer darts onto the target

The sport is played on an oversized portable Dart Board where players use a Velcro ball
instead of traditional darts to kick, throw or hit one of our specialized balls to stick onto
the Dart Board and score a maximum of 180 points or even a bullseye!

The dart is giant inflatable in 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin material,offer logo and website printing,Logo is to be sticking on the product,and website is printing by ink,so the whole appearance is very good. In addition,there are with D-ring on the top and bottom of product ,which can hold the product very well,And the football is Velcro ball .there is a extra Velcro cover to cover the soccer ball that can kicking the ball to the giant dart, and the ball will stick to the dart. So you score.Also there is some type of ball for choice.

This a new and fashionable game is coming out. Whether you are an adult or a child, you will be attractive by this magical soccer dart game.This unit can be set up on clean nice grass, indoors, or on a hard clean surface ,very funny game for event or Patty!

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Super new fun floating water park

Floating Inflatable Water Park is a flexible and new water Attraction . It is cheap and click to build up a Fun Summer water park in Good Income The enormous “floating playground” is an exceptional value and great for birthday parties, family reunions, company picnics or just having fun with friends. The equipment is state-of-the-art and it’s great for all ages!

Detail Description:

Comply with international standards with certificates .The material use :highest quality commercial grade PVC ,Taiwan HP inflatable valve ,UK PRV.Karean glue,USA anchor rope,USA belay,German water proof TIZIP  zipper,UAS painting etc

Quality Details:

Logo printing:15m*2.1m large screen printing tables are perfect for large size logo,High quality painting oil from USA ensure the printing very clear and have good keeping color effect.

Labels printing : Waring labels with small words and sings by screen printing are very accurate durable

Layer welded:Precise temperature control ensure the PVC layers RF welded exactly by 25KW high frequency machine

Anchor ropes:316stainless D-ring tightly sewn with double layers high quality webbing for anchor ropes

Corner gluing:Reinforcement gluing ,strong and flat ,no wrinkle ,no air leak

Webbing handle:RF welded webbing handle ,strong enough and more convenient

Lap seams:Over lap welding seams with 5 layers in total,exactly strong and no air leak

D-ring:2’’316 stainless single D-ring RF welded product,3 layers panel

Release valve: HoLee HP fast inflation valve and UK .Pressure Pressure Release Valve ensure the safety and durable of the water inflatables

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outdoor inflatable bubble camping tent

Product Description

inflatable bubble tent is favored for its wide application for advertising, camping, holiday leisure outdoor activities, trade shows, exhibitions, promotion, outdoor shelter, car shelter, etc. It can be easily installed in parties, parks, amusement centers, backyard, gardens.
Bubble tent can be an affordable way to have fun in the great outdoors. They can also be surprisingly good quality for the price you pay and keep you comfortable in both good weather and bad weather over several years of camping.

Application of Bubble Tent :
1.With bubble tent ,you and your families can enjoy the beautiful night outdoor in forest, on grasslands ,by the sea or even just in your garden.
2.With logo printed on transparent bubble tent ,bring much ads effect in ceremony,big party,concert etc as the souvenir for business gathering.
3.Hot sale all around the world.
Inflatable tent is very convenient and flexible which is widely be used in parties, events, advertisement, sports, exhibitions, weddings and so on both for temporary and permanent purpose, for it's easy assemble and put away, carrying, the most important is more durable, cheaper and safer than steel or concrete solid buildings.We can put logos and artwork easily which makes the inflatable tent looks so beautiful, can set up lights, air conditioner, ventilation system to keep people much more comfortable staying.Inflatable tent can be made from any sizes as needed.

Quality Assurance of Bubble Tent
With PVC and PVC tarpaulin material, the bubble tent is very durable(water-proof and fire-retardant). Besides,It can bear high and low temperatures;
With transparent design, it can enjoy fun sunshine and can bring full view for customers from every angle, thus it is not only suitable for outdoor activities but also perfect for for event, exhibition show;
Since it is inflatable products, it is easy to set up and take down as well as easy for store and transportation;
With lighting and heating system available for this tent, you can also enjoy the fun in the tent any time any season!
We can supply you various kinds of inflatable tents for camping, parties, events, wedding tents as well as disaster or military reuse tent or various kinds of the sports tents, like tennis tent, paintball tent, etc;

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Inflatable Pony Hops Horses for racing fun

This article is about the Inflatable Pony Hops Horses.

Pony Hops are an inflatable iterative sport game that everyone can enjoy. Made with High Quality Commercial Grade Materials designed for almost any surface! No matter what your age or size, there is a perfect Pony Hop inflatable horse waiting for you. All inflatable horses hold up to 750 lbs.  Most inflatable bouncers have a much smaller weight capacity and can not support children over 10 years of age. That's why Pony Hops are the perfect recreation toy for any event! They have been used in On-Field Sports Promotions, the Party Rental Industry, Colleges, Boy Scouts, Churches, and Many Other Organizations! They are a Fantastic Product for so many different reasons, find out for yourself TODAY!

Made with 0.9mm PVC vinyl tarpaulin. This material is a Highly Flexible Material used in production of Water sport products 

Utilizes premium high quality 1" diameter self sealing screw air valve to prevent air loss during quick fill with electric air pump. Also works as a quick air release for super fast deflation.

Each pony has increased durability with a slip covering of 840 Denier Sleeve.

Utilizes Premium High Quality 3/4 Inch Diameter Self Sealing Screw Air Valve which assures Zero Air Loss During Electric Air Pump Fill and also works as a quick air release for Super Fast Deflation.
A 840 Denier Sleeve provides extended Durability.
Designed for Party Rental Industry, Picnic Races, Team Competition, Derby Days, Sports Promotions, Fund Raising, Kids Activity Centers, Pony Rides & Petting Zoo's. 

STAND ALONE - Racing Gate :
Allows setting the finish line at any distance short or long
Is much lighter in weight than the Derby
Is lower in investment costs for event companies specializing in Horse Racing themed Derby Day packages for Sports Parties, DJ's, Promotions & Fundraising
Is easy to fit into any indoor/outdoor special event or party for year round profits.

We will not be stocking the Pony Hops Racing Gate but making them as a special order.
Customers can choose Color Scheme.

"D" Rings positioned at corners of each side for tie off of 10'x3' Banners for Company Logo, Sponsor logos for Fundraising  & Promotions.

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crazy fun inflatable bubble soccer balls for outdoor sport game

Bubble ball,the better ball.More fun than soccer,safer than football ,cheaper than hockey,and bouncier than basketball.Bubble ball guarantees to make you spin ,bouncer and laugh like no other sport in history!

Bubble Soccer becomes more interesting when users fall, battle, roll against each other and then bounce without any risk of injury to the users. Since the sport is very fun for both adults and children, Bubble soccer is fun for everyone. We've participated in:school events,church events,corporate events,youth groups,birthday parties,bachelor parties,charity fundraisers,team building events.

Our balls have 3 sizes,1.2m for kids,1.5m for normal adult,1.8m for big adults.It’s to meet you various need.Also we have two material:PVC and TPU for your choose.Obviously,the TPU price will be higher than PVC with enough durable and soft feature.But from the picture ,we can’t pick out which material unless you use or touch these balls.Also we have various kinds ,like bubble ball,body zorb ball,human bumper ball with clear/half color/full color.

If you buy 12 balls one time ,we will give you a hand pump for free,the pump price is USD 49 ,and also will match repair kit for free!As the balls which need often rub on the various floor that require best quality and enough durable material,perfect details deal,and good service.No matter party or match,the bubble ball both nice sport game,it’s will bring vastly funny and happy hour!

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inflatable gym mat for safety gymnastics training

The inflatable gym mat usually suit for school and fitness center.As a tool which is keep fit and meet have PE class need.

What’s more,more details as following:

1) We use welding machine to seal the sides of the inflatable gym mats instead of gluing by hand, so it will not peel off.
2). We make reinforcement for all the connection part, so our inflatable gym mats has better airtightness and more durable.
3). Our inflatable tumble track are very flat at the 4 sides and corners.

The design and construction of the Air Floors is what make the product so unique. The Air Floor is a product that allows athletes to train harder, while still minimizing the risk of injury. Endorsed by Olympic athletes and reported by Bill Sands as a more positive rebound surface than a traditional spring floor. The Air Floor is recommended to be used on top of a spring floor, tumbling strip, carpet foam or panel mats, the Air Floor offers a bouncier rebound than a rod floor. (Not intended for use on hard surfaces).

Purchase the cover for the Air Floor and extend the warranty from 1 to 2 years.
We recommend using the 3in thick Air Floors on top of a padded surface like a spring floor, carpet bonded foam, tumbling mats, etc.

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Fun world games inflatable Mechanical rodeo bull

A mechanical bull, also known as a inflatable Mechanical rodeo bull is a machine that replicates the sensation of riding a bucking animal, such as a rodeo bull or horse popularized by Sherwood Cryer. It is usually powered by a variable-speed electric motor. Padded flooring is often installed around the equipment in order to reduce the likelihood of injury to those thrown off it.

A "quick stop" motor allows the operator to safely control the ride and ensure safety for the rider; this feature allows the operator to stop the ride prior to a rider being thrown. The trained operator at the variable speed control box regulates the unit's Buck-and-Spin speed, as well as spin direction. The equipment has the capability of starting rides very slowly and speeds can be advanced according to a rider's ability. It can go slowly and simply spin for beginners and run at greater speed for experts.

Prior to the development of a electric bull ride, a simpler device was created by attaching ropes (sometimes a rope-and-pulley system) to the ends of a large barrel, suspending it from four points, often tall posts or the rafters of a barn. A saddle or bucking equipment would be added, and then a rider would straddle the barrel. Two to four other people would move the barrel by pulling on the ropes to emulate the movement of an animal. This "bucking barrel" is still also used as a less-expensive option for practice and entertainment.

red bull ride have existed for decades as a training device for rodeo competitors, as they enable a rider of rough stock (bucking horses and bull riding) to enhance rodeo performance and refine skills without the risk and unpredictability of a live animal. Although adult crazy rodeo bull ride are still routinely used for rodeo training, they are also utilized as an amusement ride, both as a mobile rental (i.e., party entertainment) and stationary entertainment found in bars, restaurants, and clubs; these may be surrounded by an blown-air inflated structure similar to a "bounce house" or foam pits for safety. There is a modified, less dangerous style used for children's parties, usually with a one-minute timer. Children remove their shoes to get on. They hold a rope or peg on the shoulder or neck of the machine, and the person who stays on for the whole minute without falling off wins a small prize.

As a form of entertainment, the electric bull ride often includes a saddle (used only in saddle bronc riding, not bareback or bull riding) and often a model head of a bull, complete with horns. One of the earliest uses as a form of entertainment was at Bertrand Island Amusement Park in New Jersey), where a mechanical bucking bronco ride was introduced in the 1930s, under the name of "Ride 'Em Cowboy!".

A woman riding on a mechanical bull
The adult crazy rodeo bull ride as an entertainment device as well as the commercial use of mechanical bulls gained popular appeal with the release of the 1980 movie Urban Cowboy. In this movie John Travolta and Debra Winger demonstrated the art of riding a mechanical bull to the larger movie-going population.

"Bucking bronco" or "bronc" is cowboy slang for a horse that throws a person around.

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